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Can you hold a tennis club liable for on-court accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2024 | Slip And Fall Accidents

The sunny weather in Florida allows tennis to thrive almost year-round. Some professional players choose it as their training ground, while enthusiasts enjoy the sport throughout the state. The Sunshine State is also home to the Miami Open, a top-tier tournament held every March in Key Biscayne.

Signs of negligence

Injuries are quite common in tennis because it is a highly physical individual sport. However, not all accidents can be grounds for seeking compensation. You may only sue for injuries due to the negligence of a tennis club owner.

Signs of negligence include wet surfaces and uneven areas on the court. If you faced such dangers off the court, you may sue as long as the accident occurred within the club. This happened when a player slipped and fell in a U.S. Open training room. She filed a lawsuit and reached a settlement in 2018.

Exceptions to obstructions

A club owner’s negligence may leave obstructions like trash and debris. These could also cause accidents on and off the court. Meanwhile, it’s important to highlight that a player may become responsible for some on-court obstructions. The United States Tennis Association handbook states that when in play, players must remove stray balls and other things from their end of the court.

Other invalid reasons

In addition, sports injuries are usually not the same as personal injuries. These include a pulled hamstring, a tennis elbow, ankle sprains and stress fractures. Moreover, a club owner could evade the blame if the player committed an error. Either they used the wrong shoes, risked their bodies for a dangerous shot or fired shots with incorrect strokes.

Ensuring safety on your fitness journey

Sports will always be risky, but you can minimize injuries by using the right gear and proper techniques. If an accident interrupts your fitness journey, you may seek legal advice to determine negligence. Then, you may sue within four years of the accident to claim damages while you regain your form.