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How truck drivers get distracted

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Truck Accidents

There are many different causes of truck accidents in Florida and distracted driving is one of the most common. Although all of us could fall victim to distracted driving, the issue is especially dangerous when a truck is involved.

Truck accidents are often more serious than accidents involving other types of vehicles because of the large size of trucks. This is why distracted truckers are so dangerous.

Truck drivers can get distracted in many of the same ways as other drivers. However, the long hours truck drivers spend on the roads can factor into their tendency to get distracted.

Cell phones

Use of cell phones is one of the biggest forms of distracted driving. Since truck drivers are usually on the road for many hours at a time, they may be tempted to use their phone to combat boredom or check in with others.

Another common form of distracted driving among truck drivers is adjusting a navigation or music system. Most truck drivers need navigation systems to stay on the proper route or music to help them through the long drives but adjusting these systems while driving increases the risk of an accident.

Getting off schedule

Road construction, bad weather or other events can cause truck drivers to get off schedule. They usually have strict deadlines that must be met and when they get behind, they may skip meals or rest breaks to catch back up.

This can cause distracted driving in a couple of different ways. Tired or drowsy truck drivers might find it harder to focus on the road and get distracted by objects outside of their vehicles, such as billboards, scenery or buildings.

Additionally, skipping breaks means truck drivers usually end up eating or drinking in their trucks, which is another form of distracted driving.

The high cost of a truck accident

An accident with a distracted truck driver can cost you plenty. In addition to serious or life-altering injuries, you might face high medical bills and a destroyed vehicle, robbing you of your mode of transportation.

Many truck accident victims must take some time off work, while others lose their job altogether if they have a long recovery period or they can no longer perform their job.

The consequences of a truck accident are not always physical. Mental and emotional distress after a truck accident is common, as is post-traumatic stress disorder.

Protecting your rights after a truck accident

While no amount of money can take back the physical and mental trauma after a truck accident, a successful personal injury claim may result in compensation for these types of damages.

This requires proving negligence. Distracted driving is negligent driving, but you must prove that the truck driver was distracted through evidence or witness testimony.

Negligence also requires showing that the truck driver’s distraction is what caused your accident. The truck driver could also defend themselves by saying that you were the negligent driver.

Going through the stress of a complex lawsuit is not something you need while recovering from a major accident. Having help through this difficult time makes a huge difference.