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Is wind damage covered by homeowners’ insurance?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Insurance

We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. Indeed, Florida is a travel destination for those around the world. Unfortunately, the downside to living is such beauty is the wind. We see high winds from storms, tornados and hurricanes and, unfortunately, winds can obliterate our Indialantic, Florida, homes. But, that is what homeowners’ insurance is for, right?

Wind threats are real

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the United States is hit by over 1,000 tornados alone each year, and that does not include hurricanes and storms that have hurricane or tornado force winds. More than 100 people died from tornadoes alone in 2021. And, while Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are hit the most, all 50 states get hit with damaging wind, and the damage it causes is real. Just one widespread weather can cost $10 billion in damages, according to III.

Wind damage coverage

Fortunately, for most homeowners, wind damage coverage is included in homeowners’ insurance policies. It usually does not need to be added as a separate rider, like flood or earthquake insurance. However, that is not to say that you are fully covered in all wind damage scenarios, which is why you should review your policy with your insurance agent. Understand what you have and what is covered.

Dwelling coverage

First, check your dwelling coverages. Check to make sure that your entire structure, including any detached structures, like garages and decks, are covered by your insurance. Also check that the insurance covers all types of wind damage, from storm winds, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Personal property coverage

Next, check that your personal property coverage includes damage from wind, hurricane and tornadoes. Be clear about how the policy provides coverage because it could be replacement cost (what you need to actually replace the item) or depreciated cost (the current value). This can be the difference between being able to afford to replace everything or just a fraction of what you had prior to the Indialantic, Florida, storm.

Loss of use coverage

In addition, make sure that you have loss of use coverage in the event of wind, hurricane or tornado damage. This covers the cost of temporary housing and living expenses, like the cost of food and laundromats, should the damages make your home unlivable. To be clear, just because you confirm these coverages does not mean that your insurance company will pay when it comes time. You may need to contact an Indialantic, Florida, lawyer to force the issue.