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What are my rights if I slip on a spill at the grocery store?

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Now that most restaurants and stores have opened up across Florida, people are eager to get back to life as normal. However, part of that normal is the risk that a store floor will have a spill or that a parking lot or entrance will be slick from rain. These conditions could lead to a customer slipping and falling, potentially sustaining substantial injuries. It is important that Floridians in such situations understand Florida law about slip and falls in business establishments.

Florida law on premises liability in business establishments

Under Florida law, if someone slips and falls on a spill or other transitory foreign substance on the floor of a store or other type of business establishment, the alleged victim bears the burden of proving the establishment had both actual and constructive knowledge of the hazardous condition and did not do anything to remedy it.

What is constructive knowledge?

To show the business had constructive knowledge of such a danger, the alleged victim must show that the hazardous condition existed for so long that the establishment through ordinary car should have known of it. Alternatively, constructive knowledge can be proven if it can be shown that the hazardous condition was so commonplace that it was foreseeable.

Learn more about premises liability claims

If you were injured after falling on a spill on a grocery store floor or in some other business establishment, you will want to know what your rights are. It is important to note that in addition to statutory laws on premises liability, businesses also must meet a common-law duty of care as laid out in case law. It is understandable if the topic of premises liability seems confusing or overwhelming. Our firm is ready to help those involved in slip-and-fall accidents, so they can pursue the compensation they are entitled to.