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Auto crashes: a constant, sobering concern for Florida motorists

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Collisions

Florida drivers expect that safe outcomes will routinely occur for them as they negotiate traffic on the state’s varied roadways.

That is a reasonable hope, of course. After all, motorists are governed by safety rules and regulations. Law enforcers are always patrolling Florida streets, highways and interstates to ensure safety-compliant behaviors. And everyone is duly licensed and careful, right?

Notwithstanding the ardent hopes of prudent motorists, it is actually the case that driving in Florida – anywhere in Florida – is an often perilous act.

Accident statistics relevant to behind-the-wheel outcomes across the state readily confirm that.

Florida motor vehicle crash facts: some sobering numbers

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles issues an annual “Traffic Crash Facts” report. What it reveals is both sad and – likely for many readers – surprising. Here are some key takeaways relevant to 2019 (the most recently measured year):

  • a stunning 400,000-plus vehicle accidents spanning the state (well more than 1,000 daily on average)
  • 3,185 deaths of passenger-vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Non-fatal yet “incapacitating” injury crashes in more than 14,000 instances
  • Deadly outcomes involving individuals from virtually every age group
  • Crash-promoting behaviors ranging from drunk driving to a host of dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors (e.g., speeding, tailgating, swerving, failure to yield/stop and more)
  • Cited driver distractions spanning a wide universe of accident catalysts

The crash-linked numbers underscored are eminently concerning and point to constant roadway perils for state motorists and passengers. And the causes of accidents, despite their varied nature, often spotlight human error in the form of driver negligence.

Taking a proactive and strong legal stance as a crash victim

A Florida motorist injured as the result of third-party negligence is often reasonably challenged and even overwhelmed in the wake of a motor vehicle crash.

Questions can quickly pile up. What steps must be taken to ensure personal safety, to accurately chronicle “what just happened,” to pinpoint accountability and fully identify all culpable parties? How should insurance company representatives be responded to – if at all? How can an injured party wrap his or her head around factors ranging from medical expenses and lost wages to future therapy outlays and other concerns?

Candidly, many parties wishing to interact with a crash victim – for example, insurers, a trucking company, a negligent driver – are not remotely interested in that person’s well-being or best interests. Their primary focus is instead on evading personal liability and minimizing the financial downsides of a crash.

A proven and results-oriented personal injury attorney has an altogether different focus. Experienced legal counsel will fully safeguard the rights and interests of a crash victim, helping that valued client pursue a meaningful remedy and maximum compensation applicable to wide-ranging post-accident needs.