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Why do you need immediate medical care after a slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Slip And Fall Accidents

A slip and fall can happen anytime and anywhere with zero warning. Even what seems like a minor fall can be devastating to your health.

You may feel fine after a fall but seeking medical attention immediately can be a wise decision.

Slip and falls can sneak up on you

If a Florida establishment does not maintain good housekeeping, you may be at risk of tripping. Look out for these slip and fall hazards:

  • Exposed cables and wiring
  • Puddles and liquid leaks
  • Trash and loose materials
  • Damaged flooring
  • Elevated tiles or steps that have no signs indicating their presence

All of these can increase the possibility that you trip over and fall, placing you in danger of sustaining a severe injury that you may not feel at first.

Urgent medical care can benefit you

Slip and falls can cause severe injuries which can be immediately apparent or may have delayed effects. Examples are:

Immediately after a bad fall, your body may go into shock and mask any physical pain you may be feeling. Meanwhile, injuries, especially to the brain, may have delayed effects.

This is why seeking immediate medical attention is important. Doing so can give you a clear picture of your physical health and what treatments you may need. Furthermore, seeing a health professional can help you collect medical records and a formal diagnosis. These can be beneficial if you wish to seek compensation.

While slip and falls can sneak up on you and leave you with severe injuries, seeking medical attention is beneficial. It can help you recover physically and provide you with essential documentation if you wish to pursue legal action.