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Spinal cord injuries completely change victims’ lives

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Collisions

While injuries in Florida are common, there are different severity levels and injuries will affect people in different ways. People recover from most injuries after a relatively short period of time as well, but there are some injuries that cause permanent problems for people and can change their lives. One of these types of injuries is a spinal cord injury.

The spine is responsible for sending the signals from the brain to the various destinations in the body where the signals need to go. When people suffer spinal cord injuries, the signals are not able to get to the destinations and; therefore, the body parts don’t work.

Symptoms of spinal cord injuries

Depending on the location of the injury on the spinal cord, people can be left with complete paralysis, which can cause paraplegia (loss of use of their legs) or quadriplegia (loss of use of their arms and legs). In addition to the loss of movement, people may also experience loss of sensation and the ability to feel heat and cold; loss of bowel control; spasms; difficulty breathing, coughing and clearing people’s throats; people can also experience pain from the damaged nerves.

People who suffer these injuries will no longer be able to enjoy many of the activities they were used to enjoying prior to the injury and may no longer be able to do their jobs. While there are many ways that people can suffer spinal cord injuries, the most common way, accounting for almost half of all spinal cord injuries, is car accidents.

People in Florida who suffer spinal cord injuries in Florida will have a completely different life after the injury. These injuries can also be very costly as the medical treatment can be extensive and the equipment people will need is not cheap. If people suffer the injury because they were the victim of a car accident, it is important that they are compensated for the damages they suffer. This can include lost pay, medical bills and pain and suffering. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these injuries can be and may be able to help people receive what they deserve.