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The number of accidents spike over Labor Day weekend

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Collisions

Labor Day is a busy time of year for travel, particularly in areas like Florida, where tourists come year-round. The long weekend could be just the occasion visitors were looking for to visit the Treasure Coast.

Traditionally, Labor Day is the third busiest summer travel holiday, falling behind both Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Many were predicting that travel over this year’s Labor Day weekend would rise to levels not seen since 2019. Despite the gas prices, it appeared that people were still planning to travel as usual for Labor Day this year.

More cars on the road statistically means that there will be more injury accidents reported after the recent holiday weekend.

But volume alone does not explain why there are more serious car accidents reported after the Labor Day weekend than other weekends.

People tend to indulge in bad driving habits and make poor decisions during this holiday.

One organization that provides free quote comparisons of automobile insurance rates ranks the Labor Day holiday as the second deadliest. On average, there are 445 deadly crashes across the country on the holiday itself.

Drinking and driving is a major contributor to these deadly accidents. According to the organization, over 35% of all fatalities over Labor Day are because of drunk or drugged driving.

Unfortunately, many other drivers choose to continue driving despite being too tired to operate their vehicles safely. Still others may choose to speed or drive aggressively in their hurry to get to their destinations.

Victims of accidents over the Labor Day holiday may recover compensation

A Treasure Coast resident whose holiday got ruined by a serious motor vehicle accident may have the legal option to recover compensation for their losses.  If they suffered their injuries because of a negligent driver, they can recover medical bills, lost wages and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.