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What are the impacts of traumatic brain injuries?

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Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can devastate the lives of victims. The impacts of TBIs can create significant burdens for victims, their families and society as a whole. When a negligent driver causes a brain injury, they may be responsible for their victim’s damages.

The impact of traumatic brain injuries

The impact of traumatic brain injuries can typically be divided into four categories including:

Thinking and learning deficits: Victims of traumatic brain injuries may have difficulty thinking clearly, concentrating, remembering and comprehending information. They may also suffer with trouble communicating and learning.

Problems with motor skills, vision and hearing: Victims of traumatic brain injuries may suffer weakness in their arms and legs, problems with sensory perception, coordination and balance and with their hearing and vision.

Emotion or mood disruptions: Victims of traumatic brain injuries may feel anxious, nervous, sad or depressed and may also feel more emotional or angry than usual.

Behavior problems: Victims of traumatic brain injuries may not feel like themselves and may experience personality changes and trouble controlling their behavior.

In addition, victims of traumatic brain injuries are more likely to experience chronic health conditions. Five years following their injury, victims of TBIs are more likely to be severely disabled, not have a job and to return to the hospital at least once. In addition, 1/3 of TBI victims rely on others for help with everyday activities and are not satisfied with their lives. A total of 12% reside in nursing homes or other institutions.

Car accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, which can upend the lives of victims. For that reason, it is helpful for victims, and their family members, to familiarize themselves with the personal injury legal protections that may be able to help them with the extensive costs associated with TBIs.