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Slip-and-fall accidents and commonly overlook fall hazards

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Living in Florida, residents are very unlikely to see snow or ice. While these are two fall hazards that can be brought on by winter weather, these are not the only causes for fall, slips and trips. In fact, weather is not always a factor, and the negligence of another party could be the underlying cause for a fall and the injuries suffered due to the fall.

Slip-and-fall accidents

While many environments contain potential dangers and risks, slips and falls are often caused by negligence and the failure to take proper safety steps. While many of these hazards occur in work environments, others occur regularly in most environments. This post will focus on the later.

Overlooked hazards

Many fall hazards get overlooked in public spaces. It is important to keep in mind that falls can occur from any height. This includes from a short height and the ground level. These falls can cause serious injuries and even death, so it is imperative that public spaces consider this. Next, the presence of contaminants, such as dust, grease and dirt, could all contribute to falls. As such, a cleaning schedule should be in place.

Cracks in sidewalks and parking lots frequently get overlooked and lead to numerous falls each year. Keeping walkways, corridors and steps clear is important, as anything in the way could lead to a slip, trip or fall. Damaged stairs could lead to a fall, so keeping up with repairs is essential. Failure to mark changes in elevation or grade could lead to a slip and fall, even if it is only a slight change.

A slip-and-fall accident could result in severe injuries. This could include broken bones, internal injuries and even a traumatic brain injury. Thus, it is important for fall victims to fully understand their situation and the rights afforded to them. Serious injuries could result due to a slip and fall, making it imperative that fall victims are aware of their options. A civil action could help hold a negligent party accountable while also assisting with the recovery of compensation.