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FHP car hits motorcyclist who is then run over by semi truck

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Collisions

A 52-year-old man was recently killed in what can be called a freak auto accident in nearby Auburndale, Florida. The incident involved the victim on his motorcycle, a 30-year-old officer driving a Florida Highway Patrol car and 25-year-old man driving a semi truck.

According to news reports, the FHP officer was headed east on State Route 400 to shut down a lane near a construction zone on the roadway. While driving toward the location, the officer struck the 52-year-old victim who was on his motorcycle. The force of the impact caused the motorcyclist to fall from the motorcycle and land directly in the path of the semi truck that was coming from the opposite direction. The truck driver was unable to stop his vehicle on time and ran over the motorcyclist.

The FHP issued a statement detailing the incident. It said that the investigations are under way and could take three months or even more to be completed. The officer driving the FHP car and the truck driver were not injured. The motorcyclist died at the scene of the crash.

Wrongful death damages

Unfortunate incidents such as this can give rise to immense challenges in the lives of the survivors. In addition to the loss of a loved one, the surviving family members have to deal with unwarranted expenses such as hospital bills and funeral expenses. In addition, they have to deal with the loss of the victim’s wages.

Thankfully, personal injury laws in Florida permit families and survivors to file a claim for damages. The compensation that they can receive can cover the any medical expenses they may have incurred before death and also pay for the funeral expenses. In addition, if courts find fault on part of the party that caused the accident, it may also award punitive damages.

Pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, however, is often a stressful affair, especially when a bereaving family is yet to come to terms with the reality. Therefore, victims of auto accidents or the families of deceased victims may choose to retain an attorney who can guide them through the entire personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.