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Brevard County accident kills one, injures several

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Collisions

Authorities say that an accident in Brevard County left one person dead and several others with injuries that rescuers called critical.

The accident happened near the intersection of Florida Highway 46 and a local street. Authorities with the Florida Highway Patrol said that a man from Titusville was traveling on the state highway and attempted to pass multiple vehicles.

Apparently, the driver slammed head-on into an oncoming SUV while trying to pass. The impact from the collision scattered debris which struck two other vehicles.

One person died at the scene of the accident, but police would not identify him. Additionally, authorities described some victims as having critical injuries. Reports were that at least 2 victims had to be flown by helicopter from the scene of the accident. One victim was a child.

Florida motorists must be careful when passing vehicles

The Highway Patrol continues to investigate the accident. There are no reports of any citations being issued, and authorities have not clearly laid fault on anyone for this tragic accident.

That being said, the accident seems to have happened shortly after one driver tried to pass multiple vehicles on the road.

Drivers need to exercise care and caution when passing, particularly when they have to cross into the lane of oncoming traffic in order to do so.

They need to look carefully before passing in order to be certain that no vehicles are coming from the opposite direction.  They also must make sure that they follow Florida’s traffic laws, including laws about no passing zones.

Not exercising safety practices when passing can lead to a disastrous head-on collision. In such cases, victims can hold the driver or the driver’s estate financially accountable for all losses.