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Protecting The Rights Of Citizens

I am passionate about protecting people from injustice. While people associate their constitutional “rights” with criminal cases, the Eighth Amendment ensures that these constitutional rights are protected in civil court as well.

While these rights are granted to the American people, it still takes advocacy to champion them. In my practice, I aim to ensure that individual citizens are not taken advantage of by any businesses, insurance companies or government agencies. Holding our justice system accountable to its ideals takes commitment and diligence.


Why The Mitchell Law Firm, P.A.?


I have been helping individuals and small-business owners solve their legal problems since 1995. During my career, I have personally handled over 10,000 cases, and I am certified in civil trial law by The Florida Bar.


I live by a simple motto: “Justice demands diligence.” Every day, I do the hard work that’s necessary to advocate effectively for justice. As a solo attorney, I’m also totally committed to every client who comes through my doors.


An attorney’s advice is not always what a client wants to hear. However, it is paramount that my clients move forward and make decisions with full knowledge of their situation.


Central Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Supporting Personal Injury Victims

Every day, hundreds of people are hurt in injuries. While many times these are the results of genuine accidents, there are times where another party can be at fault. In either case, it is important that you receive candid and knowledgeable legal guidance.

Unfortunately, without the proper protection, people can be hurt and lose out on the resources they need to pay for medical expenses and get their life back on track. When going through these cases, there are a hundred things you have to contend with. Everything from fault to insurance policies and opposing legal teams comes into play. As my client, I will always give you honest and direct information about your case so that I can help make more informed decisions and advocate on your behalf.

I work hard so that my clients can rest assured that they will get the help and support they need.


Communication Is A Right

In my years as an attorney, the single biggest problem I hear of between clients and their attorneys is that the attorneys do not return telephone calls promptly (or not at all) nor answer their questions completely (or not at all).

Many problems frequently arise from a lack of communication. When you retain an attorney, generally you have encountered a problem you cannot solve on your own, and in many instances, you and your family may be in a severe crisis. Not being able to get a quick and useful answer to your legal questions seems to defeat the purpose of even having an attorney in the first place.

Many law firms specialize in volume. This can lead to a loss of personal involvement as the common business philosophy of “quantity versus quality” can cause a law firm to have more cases than it can effectively manage. At my firm, I work directly with my clients and am always available to help.